Éric Le Tutour
Born 1988 in France


Hi! I’m Éric.

Multi-disciplinary designer and art director with 15 years of experience as a freelancer and 3 years as the design director of a 25+ people startup, I have a solid track record of building remarkable brands and user-friendly digital products that meet customer objectives and solve user problems and needs. I’ve worked on public, commercial and experimental projects for various industries such as media, technology, finance, food tech, culture, education, arts & crafts and fashion. I'm currently open to new opportunities. Feel free to get in touch!

Selected clients

→  Institut Français  ·  BMW Foundation  ·  Louvre  ·  BNP  ·  FMSH  ·  IVM

Media & education→  ARTE  ·  Éduthèque  ·  Swisscom  ·  Magnum Photos  ·  La Blogothèque  ·  LE BAL

Crafts & fashion→  Agence Search  ·  Maison Hikaku  ·  Royalties  ·  lundi  ·  Moulins  ·  Camille Thomas

Tech & fintech→  Technicolor  ·  Samsung  ·  Urbasee  ·  Yomoni  ·  Toucan Toco  ·  Calqulate

Agencies→  Les Graphiquants  ·  H5  ·  Incandescence  ·  noOp


Art direction  ·  Branding  ·  Visual identity
Graphic design  ·  Editorial design  ·  Print
Design management  ·  Planning  ·  Strategy
Product design  ·  User testing
Interaction design (IxD)  ·  User experience (UX)
User interface (UI)  ·  Design systems
Accessibility  ·  Inclusive design
Data visualization

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