Calqulate Metrics

2019–2023  Design management  Product Design  UX  UI 

Enabling real-time financial data sharing between startups, investors and lenders for fundraising, Calqulate provides financial data intelligence for the whole startup financing ecosystem.

Building an international team of over 25 designers, product specialists, developers and finance experts, we created a two-fold ecosystem:
① The Startup environment is designed for startups seeking to centralize and share their growth and financial information to facilitate the fundraising process and track their growth KPIs.
② The Portfolio environment is designed for investors and lenders aiming to manage their portfolio of companies and find qualified new opportunities based on their investment criteria.

Calqulate bridges the gap between startups looking for funds and stakeholders (investors, lenders, banks, accelerators...) looking for new, qualified opportunities, by offering an easy way for startups to share aggregated financial data and for stakeholders to browse and review funding applications.

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