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With IFcinéma, the Institut Français provides overseas members of the French cultural network, partners and teachers a catalog of French films and a catalog of African films from the Cinémathèque Afrique for non-commercial public screenings. A selection of VR-compatible contents is also available. IFcinéma(イエフ・シネマ)により、アンスティチュ・フランセは、フランス文化ネットワークの海外会員、パートナー、教員に、フランス映画のカタログと、シネマテーク・アフリクのアフリカ映画のカタログを提供し、非商業的な一般上映を行っています。VR対応のコンテンツもご用意しています。

Thousands of films available to order as video-on-demand or in physical formats (DCP, Blu-ray, 35 mm,...).

IFcinéma boasts a rich and lively program, including the integration of editorialized cinephile cycles and collaborations with film festivals. The platform was designed with a wide range of templates to reflect the brand’s vigorous energy.

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